List Of Works



gymbiosis (2017)

A musical exercise for three sound-sculptures to be played by the audience. Produced for Raflosti electronic music festival at LHI, Reykjavik.

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how are you? (2017)

Text-piece for audience and mind. Premiered at Mengi Art Gallery, February 2017.


"Saddex" for Stichting Urban House Groningen (2016)

Produced work for Urban House Groningen’s SADDEX dance-theatre performance. SADDEX is a performance enveloping themes on immigration and integration into a new society. The music production relies heavily on the sentiment of a distressed mind and moves back and forth between rejection and acceptance. SADDEX was premiered in Groningen’s Grand Theatre on December 18, 2016 during Urban Sources.


"Them" for Andy & Flute (2016)

Poëm piece for spoken-soundtrack and solo flute. Written in honour of the victims of the Bruxelles terror attacks with spoken word by Andy Smart. Written for flautist Fiona vd. Marel.

Performed by Fiona vd. Marel at "The World We Live In" festival at the Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen, NL on May 19, 2017


"8973" for the Poetic Disasters Club (2016)

Work for scrambled piano, voice and electronics. Composed to the choreography by Adam Peterson on a commission by Club Guy & Roni and their Poetic Disasters Club.

8937 was premiered at Club Guy & Roni's "Weekend Break Festival" in sold out Grand Theatre on the 11th and 12th of March.


baggerwerk - order//chaos (2014)

Experimental music piece, made to reflect on times where stress gets the better of one self.


Spirit Hunting - All Is Lost (2012)

Songs and compositions (vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, drums.)  Consisting of: Gazelle, Peru, Nimbus, Tribal, STORM, Revolver and Farshines.




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