KÓW with Mohamed Yusuf Boss

With KÓW, Groningen based dancer and autodidact choreographer Mohamed Yusuf Boss exposes what happens during the (first) moments of contact between people. A dance performance about giving yourself space and how you relate to the other. For this new performance, Mohamed drew his inspiration from the philosophy of social activist James Baldwin, who is known for his razor sharp insights on racial, sexual and social inequalities. Who do you choose to be in the contact with another? How much space are you willing to give up for the other? How do you relate to the system and the collective? Which negotiation takes place between the two? With a filmic soundscape by Bart Bruinsma and an almost phenomenological approach, KÓW reveals what is necessary to experience human contact.

This piece was made in collaboration with:
Shaolin Versachi - Vocals, Lyrics, Hookmaster
Mohamed Yusuf Boss - Director